Scott Chatterton is a member of Board of Directors for the Canadian BIM Council and certified professional BIM specialist. Scott is a Digital Design Leader with a focus on production workflow and the utilization of both staff and assets. Scott integrates BIM technology and digital design process into the daily functionality within the AECO Industry.

As we find ourselves working in a BIM environment, we need to better understand the process of implementation and modeling best practices to avoid the inevitable pitfalls common to adopting a new platform.

During this Webinar, Scott Chatterton will speak on his experience as a BIM Implementation specialist involved with implementing BIM in a number of design firms and on key North American and International Projects.

Scott will speak on the best practices that will improve your chance of successful BIM implementation, and the challenges of delivering “early BIM adoption” projects, and what can you do to address these challenges. He will also speak on why is it important to adopt BIM and related technologies, what you need to know about BIM when doing business across borders and how BIM play into your international business strategy.

During this session, Scott will also take a look at the rate of global BIM adoption, take look at the influential factors and examine the impact that BIM has brought to the construction industry around the world.

This is a part of the BIM Africa BIMTalk (July Edition), a periodic learning-based virtual program.

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