Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA) project is one of the world’s biggest airport project. From Design to Operation, BIM plays a crucial role to ensure efficient execution. Once all phases are completed in 2028, the airport will be able to accommodate 200 million passengers a year.

BIM was employed at all stages from design, through construction and to its operation to control the deployment of proper technological processes and towards the transformation of the project and its people. Once completed, the airport will be operated for 25 years through the design and construction phases as well as the operation stage. The role of BIM is also very crucial for the maintenance of the asset.

Ahmet Ekrem Çelikel (Senior BIM Engineer @İstanbul Airport), Simge Vurgun (Senior BIM Engineer @İstanbul Airport) and Tolga Yücel (BIM Site Engineer) will be facilitating the BIMTalk (November edition) to discuss BIM and Digital Twin Based Project Management utilizing the Istanbul Airport case study from its Design to the Operation.

This is a part of our strategic partnership with BIM4Turkey. The BIM Africa #BIMTalk (November Edition) is a periodic learning-based virtual program.

Join the presentation on Friday, 29th of November at 3.00pm GMT here