What is possible? Where is the world going with respect to Architecture and Technology?. Recent trends continue to show increased interests in improved capabilities of Building Information Modelling with promising technologies. Compare to existing approaches of interaction with information inside Architectural Projects rooted in BIM which is limited to 2-D, Virtual Reality offers a new 3-D and 4-D approach to offering even more with presence and interaction. Leveraging on these technologies, decision making has never been easier and faster overall leading to time and cost savings alongside knowledge retention.

Hassan will be showcasing possible usage for Virtual Reality as an extensive tool for scaling Building Information Modeling capabilities for AEC industry professionals. Gamification is a major technique for improving how we interact with building projects virtually and there are best practices to achieve the most engaging and rewarding interactions with BIM data. In this session, he will equally highlight how game elements can be embedded to increase motivation while learning about a building; a strategic way to improve the quality of Architectural education in design institutions. To help anyone stay ahead of the learning curve, this session has been designed to help a wide range of professionals in the AEC industry.

Learning Objectives – Attendees in this session will gain the following

  • Learn new terminologies to get started with BIM + VR
  • 3D Modeling Best practices for content
  • Locomotion and Interaction design techniques with controllers
  • Recommended Industry software and workflow
  • Beginner techniques
  • How to develop VR with minimum coding

Requirements for attendees

  • At least, beginner level in Revit or Rhino (either is fine)
  • No coding experience required
  • No VR development experience required

Hassan Anifowose is an Architect and the Co-Founder of Chronos Studeos; a design firm well-known for outstanding 3D Visualization projects in the Nigerian Design and Construction Industry. With a solid background in Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Hassan is constantly working on the edge. Hassan’s professional practice and project management experience continues to drive his passion and commitment to process improvements.

He is currently a PhD student at Texas A&M University where he is exploring new frontiers of research into the practical application of BIM and Virtual Reality for improved project performance on construction projects. He is a Full Member of the Nigerian Institute of Architects and has received several awards including the AIA’s Architect Foundation and A/E Pronet award. Beyond his expertise in the field of Architecture, he is keen to encourage young entrepreneurs who harbour a similar talent and passion for industry-related subjects. He is Creator and Chief Host of the yearly ‘Creative Architect‘ Event where approximately 1500 attendees; mostly Architects, converge to exchange enterprise ideas.

The BIM Africa #BIMTalk (June Edition) is a periodic learning-based virtual program. Join in on Thursday 18th June 2020 at 12 pm GMT.

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