The African BIM Report 2024 is currently in progress

The African BIM Report is a biennial publication by the BIM Africa Research and Development Committee, focusing on assessing the progress, case studies and opportunities of digital technologies in the construction industry within the African continent.

Our vision?

A pan-African digital built environment.

BIM Africa Initiative is a civil society organization formed to enable and regulate the adoption and implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry across Africa.

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دعوة لتقديم مقترح لعرض المشروعات

دعوة لتقديم مقترح لعرض المشروعات (ABR) تقرير نمذجة معلومات البناء الأفريقي 2024 يسر بيم أفريقيا أن تعلن عن دعوة مفتوحة لجميع المعماريين والمهندسين والمصممين والمهنيين في صناعة البناء والتشييد لعرض مشاريعهم المبتكرة لنمذجة معلومات البناء والتقنيات الرقمية المتكاملة. لديكم الفرصة لمشاركة الخبرات والرؤى و المعرفة مع مجتمع العمارة و الهندسة والإنشاء تعمل نمذجة معلومات البناء على تحويل عمليات البناء وتعزيز…

Call for Proposals for African BIM Report (ABR) 2024

Call for Entries: Project Showcase African BIM Report (ABR) 2024 BIM Africa is thrilled to announce an open invitation to all architects, engineers, designers, and professionals in the construction industry to showcase their innovative projects in BIM and Integrated Digital Technologies. It’s an opportunity to share experience and know-how with the AEC community. BIM transforms construction processes, fostering innovation, collaboration,…

Appel à propositions pour le Rapport BIM Africain 2024

Appel à propositions pour le Rapport BIM Africain 2024 Présentation de projets de référence BIM Africa a le plaisir de lancer un appel à publication ouvert à tous les architectes, ingénieurs, concepteurs et professionnels du secteur de la construction afin de présenter leurs projets innovants en BIM et en technologies numériques intégrées. C'est une occasion unique de partager vos expériences…
EXTENDING BIM TOOLS; Automation, API’s, Custom plug-ins, Databases – Pre-BAS 2023 #BIMTalk @
Jan 26 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
EXTENDING BIM TOOLS; Automation, API's, Custom plug-ins, Databases - Pre-BAS 2023 #BIMTalk @
How can construction professionals improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their BIM process? During this pre-BAS 2023 #BIMTalk, Kehinde Ayobade will share ways in which various Building Information Modeling (BIM) softwares can be enhanced through automation, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), custom plug-ins, and databases. Automation involves using software to automate repetitive tasks, such as data entry and model updates. APIs allow BIM software to communicate and share data with other software programs. Custom plug-ins are software add-ons that can be used to extend the capabilities of BIM software. Databases are used to store and organize BIM data and can be used to improve data management and collaboration within project teams. Kehinde is a BIM Developer, Structural Engineer, and the Founder of KS Digital Innovations. Under his start-up, He recently launched a free custom Revit plug-in that helps BIM-savvy professionals automate multiple and unnecessary redundant tasks. During this pre-BAS 2023 #BIMTalk, Kehinde will highlight a number of trending BIM software and tools currently deployed by various professions in the AEC industry and how project tasks, workflows, design processes and methods can be enhanced through automation, customizing APIs and developing plug-ins. He will touch down with definite insight on how each software can be customized, the available API documentation and references on the web, relevant programming languages to learn, resources on how to kickstart the journey to BIM development, and a quick showcase of how a sample custom plug-in can be built over a selected BIM tool. He will also briefly discuss how databases can be deployed with tools like MySQL to store, manage and manipulate BIM model data for better information management and BIM model quality assurance. This #BIMTalk session is a part of the virtual learning session preceding the BIM Africa Summit (BAS) 2023, to be held in Marrakech, Morocco, on the 18th and 19th of May, 2023. The BIM Africa #BIMTalk is a periodic learning-based virtual program.
BUILDMACEX Nigeria 2023 @ Eko Convention Center, Eko Hotel & Suites, VI, Lagos
Mar 21 – Mar 23 all-day
BUILDMACEX Nigeria 2023 @ Eko Convention Center, Eko Hotel & Suites, VI, Lagos
The Building, Construction, and Machinery Exhibition (Buildmacex) is an international exhibition and conference platform dedicated to transforming the West African building and construction industry. It is organised to drive and support the acceleration of changes in all aspects of architectural design, building, and construction in West Africa through the application of technologies. BUILDMACEX Nigeria brings together global experts in the Building, Construction and Machinery industry to offer innovative solutions tailored to your needs. The three (3) day event- exhibition, conference, and B2B- is now in its 8th edition, and it will showcase a comprehensive range of technology and innovations as they impact the building and construction industry in West Africa. Register to attend
BIM Africa Summit 2023 @ Mohamed VI Conference Center
May 18 – May 19 all-day
BIM Africa Summit 2023 @ Mohamed VI Conference Center
In the last decade, the world has witnessed quantum innovation and digital disruptions to create efficient and meaningful processes. With Industry 4.0 dawning upon us, where does the African Built Industry stand? The African region has been the centre of innovation in the last years through the inclusion of new ways of building. IoT, FM, Data analytics, and Cloud systems have given construction projects a new outlook on what is practised internationally and adapted to the African level. African companies have taken an interest in this new transformative wave and are making it a priority in order to continue working and existing in the worldwide market. Building Information Modeling is no longer a future to look forward to, but a present to implement immediately and benefit from. The BIM Africa Summit is organized to open the discussion regarding the use of BIM and digitalization of the construction industry by inviting many professionals, scholars and key figures of the industry and answer ultimately why and how African countries should adapt and adopt through the lifecycle of the constructions. 3. Third part : BIM Africa Summit (BAS) 2023 is the first edition of this event. It gathers professionals and scholars from Africa and across the globe. This edition will focus on the Digital Advancement of the Built Environment for a Sustainable Africa. You can’t afford to miss out on our robust program – Masterclasses, Project Tours, Exhibitions, Networking, and the Innovation Awards 2023 Dinner. REGISTER
Buildings and Climate Global Forum @ Le Palais des Congrès
Mar 7 @ 9:00 am – Mar 8 @ 5:00 pm
The Buildings and Construction sector currently accounts for 21% of global greenhouse emissions. The Buildings and Climate Global Forum is designed to strengthen international collaboration to put the buildings sector on track to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement. The event, co-organized by Ministère Écologie Territoires and UN Environment Programme Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GlobalABC), aims to gather ministers, high-level representatives, and stakeholders to advance the decarbonization and resilience of the buildings sector. The first edition Global Forum aims to establish a general framework for international cooperation and commitment with a view to the decarbonization, adaptation, and resilience of the buildings sector by 2050. As part of the Forum, BIM Africa is co-leading the session on the solutions and challenges for digital innovation to reduce whole-life carbon emissions on 7 March 2024 from 16:15 to 17:30 CET. The climate impact of buildings is likely to increase in the coming decades due to rapid growth, especially in urban areas across the Global South; 70% of the buildings projected to exist in Africa in 2040 are yet to be constructed. Digital technologies can enhance the design, construction, operation, and maintenance to reduce whole-life carbon emissions and enable better collaboration and data sharing among stakeholders. At the Forum, BIM Africa will present case studies from various African countries deploying digital solutions, and outline the research and innovation needs and objectives to accelerate and mainstream new technologies.   The BIM Africa delegates to the Forum is led by the Executive Director, Mohammad AlAgouz, and other Directors, Kehinde Adeyemo and Moses Itanola. The delegation will also participate in others events during the pre-forum on 5 and 6 March 2024. Connect with us in Paris at the Buildings and Climate Global Forum! #BuildForClimate #BIMAfrica #BIM #Africa