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We are a community of professionals passionate about the digital transformation of the built industry across Africa

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Advancing knowledge

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an innovative process and technology that is transforming the way buildings and city infrastructure are designed, analyzed, constructed, and managed.

Despite its numerous advantages, the construction industry in Africa is slow to adopt the BIM process.

We believe that the ignorance of the modalities and benefits of BIM is a major cause of the resistance to adoption.

BIM Africa Initiative is a civil society organization formed to enable and regulate the adoption and implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry across Africa.

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    - Create a collaborative and united voice towards the digital transformation of Africa’s built environment
    - Facilitate academic and market research towards effective BIM adoption and implementation.
    - Engage volunteers and members across African countries for effective local representation.
    - Encourage, facilitate and monitor local BIM awareness and training events.
    - Collaborate with professional bodies to ensure the deployment of BIM in Construction projects across Africa.
    - Advise the Governments and its representatives on policies towards BIM implementation.
    - To educate more than 500,000 African construction entities on BIM.
    - To facilitate policies on BIM implementation for public projects in atleast 3 African countries.
    - To produce and promote Standards, Insights, Reports and Research for effective BIM implementation across various African countries.

The African-wide advocacy for BIM adoption and implementation is reinforced by extensive academic and market research programs, certification programs, round-table meetings, seminars and webinars, formulation of locally-adapted standards, chapters, volunteering and professional development opportunities.