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African BIM Reports

Monitoring industry progress across the African Built Environment

As a first of its kind across the continent, the African BIM Report was conceived to provide a continuous review of the state of implementation of BIM by the industry. The report will progressively highlight exceptional projects, industry leaders and research experts across Africa. A pan-African survey will integrate the opinion from a wider range of professionals.

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As a dynamic, future-focused, and thriving community, BIM Africa is well-positioned to champion the digital transformation of the built industry across Africa. Our approach covers broad industry education, extensive research, professional development and certifications, quality networking and the formulation of locally adapted standards. Our Research and Development Committee comprises of a thriving portfolio of internationally certified and brilliant academic researchers of African descent; the coming together of bright minds to impact their motherland.

We are a community of professionals passionate
about the digital transformation of the built
industry across Africa

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