After a thorough screening of applicants by the selection committee, BIM Africa is proud to announce her new Volunteers, who are now members of the Operations and Programs Committee. From across 15 African countries, the volunteers have displayed an exceptional capacity to deliver in the assigned role. Individuals within the various subcommittees/roles under this Committee include

Country Representative(s):
Abdelwahab Guenniche: Country Representative for Algeria
Sthève Cédrix Tsambang Fokou: Country Representative for Cameroon
Asgedom Berhe: Country Representative for Ethiopia
Ayite Ayee: Country Representative for Ghana
Chiamba Canivete: Country Representative for Angola
Nzirorera Alexandre: Country Representative for Rwanda
Bahara Kika Christian: Country Representative for the Democratic Republic of Congo
Boujelben Bilel: Country Representative for Tunisia
Manon Bonnafous: Country Representative for Madagascar
Zahir Lemma: Country Representative for Tanzania

Policy & Advocacy Managers:
Sean McCormick
Shehu Uthman Muhammad
Justice Okechukwu

Business Development Strategist:
Dr Noha Saleeb
Akeem Bello

Fundraising Executive:
Kazeem Kayode

Committee Coordinators:
Oyinlola Osho
Brian Boit
Mohammad AlAgouz

Marketing & Events Managers:
Kamoga Ronald
Nelly Wambua

Communications Executives:
Uboho Akpan
Adeniyi Adeoye
Mohammed Mammar Kouadri
Uzochukwu Victor Okafor

A total of 25 talented individuals joined the Operations and Programs Committee. Taking collaboration to a bigger level, they are saddled with the task of handling the day to day activities of the initiative. The volunteers are raring to start and hit the ground running