BIM is evolving as one of the best tools in the built environment. Deploying BIM, construction professionals can adequately plan, design, manage and construct buildings and other infrastructures. While 3D modelling is famous in the BIM process, 4D and 5D information-rich models are widely required and appreciated by construction professionals and organizations.

4D and 5D BIM involves the integration of 3D BIM models with additional dimensions of scheduling and cost and material estimations. 4D BIM adds time-related information to 3D BIM models. This is to enable detailed scheduling of the construction process. 5D BIM adds costs to BIM components to assist the calculation of total project costs.

In this session, Arc. Mahmoud Taeima would highlight the potentials of this process. He would explore the interaction between Autodesk Revit, Naviswork and Oracle Primavera to make 4D and 5D simulations.

Arc Mahmoud is the General Manager of BIMFC with its headquarter in Morocco. He is an Architect and BIM Manager with over 25 years of experience in various projects across Morrocco and many Middle East countries.

The BIM Africa #BIMTalk (May Edition) is a periodic learning-based virtual program. Join in on Thursday 28th May 2020 at 3pm GMT via Microsoft Teams.

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