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#BIMTalk: From Level of Development (LOD) to Level of Information Need

In projects requiring ’BIM’ we are often asked to define the ‘LOD’ of objects within Building Information Models. In the Client’s Requirements as well as in the BIM Execution Plan, we need to fill long spreadsheets where objects are classified in different classification systems and a ‘LOD’ is required at each stage.

But are we sure that the ‘LOD’ concept is clear to everybody? Is it always associated to objects? Are we managing it the best way? And most of all, how can we verify and validate it?

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Why (and how) AEC professionals should learn coding and its benefits for digital transformation

After the First Industrial Revolution, many skillsets were turned obsolete and many others created. At this current age of technological transformation through digitization, all industrial sectors of the global economy will be disrupted.

While the evolution of BIM in the Construction Industry is rapid, it is only just the beginning of the digital revolution of the construction industry.

Dr Zulfikar Adamu is an Associate Professor of Strategic IT in Construction at London South Bank University. He will be facilitating a session on “Why (and how) AEC professionals should learn coding and its benefits for digital transformation”Read More

5D BIM and the Quantity Surveyor

What is stopping Nigeria (and Africa) from keeping up?

There’s been alot of new digital and tech trends in almost every sector in advanced countries. AI, VR, IoT, Drones, Robotics and a host of others are been deployed. The construction industry is also not left out.

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