BIM Africa is pleased to announce its partnership with The Architecture BIM Competition | Monza 2019.

We would be facilitating the contribution of African Teams at ABC | MONZA 2019. Contact us to participate in a team.

ABC | MONZA 2019 is an international architectural ideas competition in the time of Digital Transformation. Registrations are open from 25 June 2019 to 4 October 2019. The deadline for submissions is 4 November 2019. The prize pool is € 20,000 plus mentions for worthy projects.

The competition allows the participation of students and professionals. In the case of individual participation, only young people under 35 years are admitted. If the competitors are a team, the Team Leader must be under 35 while there are no constraints for the other team members.

The object of the competition is the urban regeneration of an industrial site of approximately 60,000 square meters in the Italian city of Monza (MB) in accordance with the contemporary sensibility for the values of environmental, economic and social sustainability. The area of competition will be affected by the forthcoming extension of Line 5 of the Milan Metro subway: this creates a common thread with the Greater Milan and makes it a value multiplier for the territory.