The BIM A+ offers an advanced education programme on BIM, integrated design, construction and operations and putting a strong focus on the collaborative practices that are the cornerstone of such integration.

The Erasmus Mundus Master in Building Information Modelling is co-funded under the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union combining the diversity and expertise of three leading European Universities – University of Minho (GuimarĂ£es, Portugal), University of Ljubljana (Ljubljana, Slovenia), and Politecnico di Milano (Milan, Italy). Undergoing mandatory mobility in any two of these universities, Scholars undertake the entire coursework in one location and the dissertation in another location. Students gain top-level knowledge on BIM in a research-oriented environment, with close cooperation with the industry and with a strong focus on problem-solving.

The Master’s programme offers education oriented to a multidisciplinary understanding of virtual construction through the involvement of experts from complementary fields (engineers, architects, programmers and others). The course will combine the recent advances in research and development with practical activities applications. After successful completion of the BIM A+, a student will gain competencies to compete in a highly demanding market as a BIM Manager/Coordinator/Specialist. Furthermore, students may consider engaging in a further degree of studies towards (PhD) research on the BIM proficiency level.

As an associated partner, BIM Africa broadly provides support in disseminating to prospective students especially across Africa, market connection for BIM A+ graduates, coursework support, thesis recommendation and support, and participation in the BIM A+ Consortium Management Board. Interestingly, a member of our Board, Lot Kaduma, is currently an Erasmus Mundus Scholar undergoing the BIM A+ programme with mobility in Portugal and Slovenia and exploring frameworks for BIM-enabled digital platforms for the construction sector. Another notable BIM Influencer within our community and our Innovation Awards 2021 designer, Victoria Ikede, is an incoming Erasmus Mundus Scholar under the BIM A+ and commencing in October with mobility in Milan and Slovenia. Other members are also enrolled in the programme under the various forms of student scholarships available.

As a civil society organisation focused on advancing the deployment of BIM across the continent, our vision aligns with the objective of BIM A+ and we are excited to support the programme towards ensuring a wider reach to students across Africa. Call for applications for 2022/2023 opens in a few months time. Stay tuned for updates.

For enquiries on individual leverage on this partnership, contact the Program and Operations Committee.