From 11th to 13th of April, some members of the initiative were in Ghana for a 3-day workshop on Building Information Modelling (BIM), Cost Planning and Quantification with Softwares. The workshop started with a lecture by Prof. Martin Morgan Tuuli on Cost Planning using the New Rules of Measurement (NRM) as authored by RICS.

The second day presented Dr Enoch Sackey, PhD PMP who facilitated a session on Autodesk Navisworks with a focus on the Clash Detection functionality. Dr Karen BLAY, PhD, FHEA also tuned in to train Quantification with Navisworks and CATO. The third day was a moment of exhaustive knowledge transfer that would for a long time resonate in the minds of all participants. Prof. Zulfikar Adamu preached the potentials of a collaborative design process leveraging on the capabilities of Autodesk BIM 360. Creating a chain value distribution, the workshop affirms that the ignorance on the modalities of BIM is the major cause of the pan-African resistance.