In line with the vision to educate over 500,000 African construction entities on BIM by 2025, BIM Africa signed strategic partnerships with KPB Sarl operating in DR Congo and Hi-CAD Africa based in Kenya.

Hi-CAD Africa is a private consultancy firm based in Kenya that facilitates companies in the AEC industry to drive value through the application of BIM on their projects and within their organisation. The firm leads in the advocacy of BIM adoption in the AEC industry, Government, Learning institutions and other stakeholders through seminars, conferences, workshops, and roundtable meetings in order to change the narrative in the African built environment.

Ruchika Gajjar, the Chief Executive Officer of Hi-CAD Africa, highlighted that through the BIM services offered, the firm deploys solutions that enable collaborative ways of creating and managing information which allows construction projects to be completed on time and within budget.

KPB Sarl is a social company working under the Democratic Republic of Congo law. The firm is working to enable affordable environmental conditions in construction engineering, solar energies structures, Green housing, sanitation, and capacities building.

The partnership with BIM Africa is on the project themed Elimisha Consulting. Elimisha means reinforcing capacities in Swahili. Promesse Malembe, the Chief Executive Officer of KPB Sarl, explained that the firm is targeting to train and increase the capacities of 2,000 Congolese in DRC on how to use more than 32 software in the next 5 years.

The strategic partnership with BIM Africa is aimed at creating a framework for strategic cooperation. This will enable each group to benefit from the common activities in their respective strategies.

Amongst other expectations, the partnership is towards raising awareness about the importance and deployment of BIM in construction and infrastructure projects and advancing networks in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya.

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