2D visualization and model making have played vital roles in design exploration within the AEC industry. Advancements in software with three-dimensional render capabilities have allowed professionals to explore multiple options for their concepts and develop a realistic estimation of the final output before any money is spent on production.

Limitations, however, exist in the two-dimensional nature of the computer screen as the primary visual interface for 3D exploration. Innovations in 3D printing, Reality capture, and Virtual Reality have added an extra layer of spatial depth in experimenting with ideas and design concepts, and in some cases have even become the final product. Rapid prototyping using 3D printers have made the production of complex parts possible in ways which would have required expertise in handling complex and expensive machinery just a decade ago.

What is the relevance of 3D printing, Reality capture and Virtual Reality to AEC professionals and how will it impact the future of our work? In this session, Victoria Ikede will highlight her own experiences using these three media and the opportunities/challenges they have presented. She will give an introduction to the tools and techniques required, showcase some personal projects, and discuss innovations centred around these technologies. Finally, the session will go over ways to access the technology within Nigeria and real-life scenarios where they have been applied, within and outside the AEC industry globally.

Victoria Ikede is the BIM Manager at ATO Architects, a leading architectural practice in Nigeria with over three decades of experience in the construction industry across Africa. She has over six years of experience as an architect working with BIM tools and has been instrumental in driving digital innovation at ATO Architects.
Earning her Master’s degree from the Sheffield School of Architecture, Victoria gained significant teaching and research experience in Virtual Reality, Photogrammetry, Computational Design, Digital Fabrication, Rapid prototyping, Energy Simulations and Building Information Modeling.
She was a speaker at the BIM Roundtable hosted by the Young Quantity Surveyors Forum, and the West African Digital Conference held in 2019. She also featured on the panel for the 9H Design Talk on Crossing Borders and Building Bridges alongside Bill Bates, the 2019 president of the AIA, discussing an urban intervention project facilitated by computational design and a human-computer interface.
When she is not managing BIM processes at ATO Architects, she functions as the ISO 9001:2015 Assistant Quality Management Representative, developing company-wide standards and documentation protocol for the firm.

The BIM Africa #BIMTalk (April Edition) is a periodic learning-based virtual program.

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