What is the importance of laser scanning techniques and reality capture in the pre-construction process, what tools and skills are helpful and necessary, and how does it saves time and money?.
The session will explore the history of site surveying and how it has evolved up until now, focusing on the tools used and importance of the data gathered. Then go further to discuss how these tools and information gathered can be and have been implemented into all phases in construction, and the time, money, and effort saved as a result. Finally, the session will go over the tools and software used for the process, and best practices when gathering information.

Earning his education in Architecture at The Georgia Institute of Technology, Christopher Allen is now the Director of Virtual Design and Construction, or VDC, at his own consultancy, C4 Consultants, in New York City. His professional career has consisted of managing, modeling, coordinating, and creating drawings for all trades in the construction industry, from Architects to Engineers and Subcontractors.

Once getting a general knowledge of all trades and gaining a proficiency in CAD/BIM software, he turned his talents to the field, where creating a more efficient pre-construction process was the goal. Reality capture was the tool to help with this. Utilizing laser scanning techniques and 360 images, not only was time and money saved, but RFIs reduced and accuracy increased. These practices, more commonplace now, have revolutionized the pre-construction process and is now becoming an integral part of all phases of the construction process.

The BIM Africa #BIMTalk (March Edition) is a periodic learning-based virtual program.

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