For strategic alignment and enhanced international relationship, BIM Africa formalized its relationship with CanBIM, the Canadian chapter of buildingSMART International.

The Canada BIM Council (CanBIM) serves as Canada’s business voice for the entire architecture, engineering, construction, owner, operator and education community who are working collectively to adopt and implement digital technologies and practices.

CanBIM’s mission is to provide AECOO industry professionals, academia and supply chain members with a collective voice dedicated to digital technologies. CanBIM provides its members with advocacy, learning opportunities and best practices for digital technologies in a Canadian context while maintaining connectivity with international partners.

The strategic pertnership with BIM Africa is to cooperate, collaborate and exchange information for the purpose of mutual benefit and improved process and presence in their respective markets.

Both organizations are endeavouring to reach a common goal of Building Information Modeling and Digital Project Delivery as pertinent to the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Owners, Operators (AECOO) Industry in their respective countries. As it has been determined to date, both organizations would also like to cooperate and collaborate on various initiatives and with varying degrees of involvement to reach their common goals of education, promotion and supporting BIM efforts in the AECOO Industry.

Actions reflecting strategic relationship will commence in the Year 2020. Enquiries on individual leverage on this partnership may be forwarded to our email.