Through the year 2019, various thought leaders and experts from across the globe contributed to the intellectual growth of our community. From the depth of our hearts, we would like to appreciate them all.

With the understanding of the effect of geographic exclusion on accessibility to learning and knowledge acquisition, #BIMTalk is a periodic learning-based virtual program dedicated to exploring various areas of knowledge on BIM and allowing maximum access to different individuals spread across Africa. Leveraging on the potentials of video communication technologies, industry experts are invited to present to members across Africa to enable continuous knowledge improvement.

Dr. Zulfikar Adamu, our Strategic Advisor, facilitated two sessions during the year. In March, he facilitated a session on “Innovation Diffusion And BIM Adoption Strategies“. In July, he facilitated a session on “Why (And How) AEC Professionals Should Learn Coding And Its Benefits For Digital Transformation“.

Leon van Rensburg facilitated the BIMTalk May Edition presenting on “Opportunity Cost Of BIM For Small And Medium Businesses“. 

Scott Chatterton facilitated the July Edition presenting on “BIM Best Practices And How To Avoid The Implementation Pitfalls“.

Dr. Marzia Bolpagni facilitated the August Edition presenting on “From Level Of Development (LOD) To Level Of Information Need“.

Dr. Shaba Kolo facilitated the September Edition presenting on “Housing In Africa: The Role Of BIM And Offsite Construction“.

Dr. Mohd Harris Ismail facilitated the October Edition presenting on “BIM Implementation: Theory And Practices“.

As a part of our strategic partnership with BIM4Turkey, Ahmet Ekrem Çelikel, Simge Vurgun and Tolga Yücel facilitated the November presenting on “BIM And Digital Twin Based Project Management: Istanbul Airport From Design To Operations“.

Paul Shillcock facilitated the December Edition presenting on “ISO 19650: A Global Opportunity“.