Over the past few weeks, it has become clear that the world is facing an unprecedented challenge as the COVID-19 novel coronavirus continues to spread across the globe. We hope you are safe!.

Many countries are proceeding with general border closures and flight restrictions, in line with Health measures to contain and control the epidemic. As a global organisation, the safety of our community is important to us. Sharing knowledge, our mantra, should be without danger or risks. In response to the situation, we are engaging these measures

1. As approved by our Board and the BAS2020 Planning Committee, the BIM Africa Summit 2020 is suspended until further notice. The Committee is actively monitoring the situations and would communicate the revised date as appropriate. We’re unhappy, just as you may be, but have placed priorities on advancing knowledge in safe and healthy conditions only.

2. The ongoing BIM Africa Student Advocacy Program 2020 is suspended indefinitely. The program is expected to involve gathering students in many higher institutions across Africa.

3. The initiative will be actively engaging our community during this period with our Virtual learning program; #BIMTalk. Knowledge experts are welcomed to facilitate sessions. Members are also enjoined to nominate facilitators within their networks.

4. All events with the endorsement of BIM Africa and requiring physical participation are restricted. Only extremely essential travel is allowed.

5. The publishing date for the African BIM Report 2020 is now extended. The survey is open for contribution. Ensure to contribute your voice by filling the survey here in English OR French.

Please take care of yourself and your loved ones. Stay healthy, Stay Active, Keep learning!.

Moses Itanola
Executive Director